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An artificial hedge that looks amazing straight out of the box and takes almost no time to install. That's the NatraHedge Faux Expandable Trellis. With its ingenious expanding lattice design you can fold out a fully grown hedge in seconds. Hedges take a long time to grow. And most artificial hedges are pretty timeconsuming and tedious to install. Once they finally are installed, the majority of artificial hedges look, well, artificial. The NatraHedge Artificial Hedge Lattice brings an authentic atmosphere of greenery to any exterior space in seconds. All NatraHedge Artificial Hedge Lattice products are supplied with our premium RealLeaf(TM) foliage. RealLeaf(TM) convincingly imitates actual species of hedge plants like Ficus and Yellow Birch with Flowers, matching their foliage exactly in exclusively molded high grade plastic. Installation couldn't be easier. The solid wood lattice frame expands from a compact 26'' x 51'' to cover a generous 98'' x 30'' and can be fastened to any support pro - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist